Le Belle Inspired CAR DIFFUSER – Posh Burn

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Le Belle Inspired CAR DIFFUSER

Le Belle Inspired CAR DIFFUSER

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This small glass cleverly designed diffuser allows fragrance to strongly filter through into a confined space .Perfect for cars or wardrobes. Comes with attachment strings to tie to your desired location .Available in all our power inspired scent range.

** PLEASE NOTE ** You will be sent either a Gold or Silver diffuser. We will try and fulfill any colour requests left in the notes field but we can't always do this.

Instructions for use

  1. Remove the Silver/Gold top by unscrewing it
  2. Remove the little stopper (this keeps the fragrance from wasting while we transport the diffuser to you)
  3. Put the Silver/Gold top back on
  4. Tip the bottle upside down to allow the fragrance to penetrate the top of the bottle

If the fragrance ever seem too weak, just repeat step 4 above and you should notice a difference.

Each bottle should give you around 3-4 weeks of fragrance (depending on the strength of the fragrance), as you control the strength yourself. Too control the strength it is using step 4 above. So the more times you turn the bottle upside down for more strength, the less time the 
fragrance will last.

Very small fragments of wood chips from the diffuser lid may make there way into the oil this does not affect the product in anyway and is not means to return the product as it does not affect the performance at all.

Do not shake or spill the oil inside the car. This needs to be done on a safe surface away from the car and placed back in the car when the lid is properly back on, to avoid spilling.